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FREE DELIVERY over £300 to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland
*Excluding Flooring Products

VirtuFit Commercial Half Rack Pro


The VirtuFit Commercial Half Rack Pro is very well made and has a load capacity of no less than 300 kg. The steel box sections are finished with a black powder coating, which prevents rusting and provides a durable coating.
You can perform many different exercises on the power rack. For example, you have J-hooks to start your barbell set at the starting height and the longer spotter arms to absorb the weight when you can no longer finish the exercise. This is an ideal rack for squatting or a bench pressing if you train alone. In addition, you can also perform pull-ups by using the top bar. Adding resistance bands to the side pegs will help increase the resistance with your pull-ups or chin-ups. The pull-up bar can also be used to attach a suspension trainer. The plate holders are compatible with 50mm Olympic weight plates.

  • Designed for use in PT studios and small commercial gyms
  • 300kg Max weight capacity
  • Comes with J hooks, cushioned spotter arms, 2 x Olympic weight horns, 2 x Olympic bar holders, 6 x resistance band pegs and a pull up bar.
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Pull-up Bar
At the top of the Power Rack is a pull-up bar that you use for pull ups and chin ups. The chin up is an underhand grip and the pull up is an overhand grip. With these exercises you mainly train your back, but your chest and arms are also used. Most people can do more reps with a chin-up than a pull-up. So if you're just starting to train, practice the chin-up first!

Adjustable J hooks
The J-hooks of this power rack are adjustable. This way you can always set the starting point of your dumbbell set at the right height. This is an ideal starting position for a good squat or bench press if you have a training bench. The J-hooks have a loadable weight of 300 kg.

300 kg Loadable Weight
The VirtuFit Power rack is very strong and has a solid steel frame with a maximum load capacity of no less than 300 kg. The extra thick steel is finished with a black powder coating. This not only looks stylish, but also protects the rack from wear and tear. In addition, it is a compact rack and fits in almost every (fitness) room.

Attachment for Power Bands
Do you want to make a squat or bench press heavier? Then add power bands for extra resistance. You can attach this to the side and around your barbell. This gives a whole new dimension to your training. You can also use power bands to make an exercise lighter, such as a pull-up or chin-up. You then attach the power band to the pull-up bar itself.

Plate Holders
You can store 50mm plates on both sides of the power rack. This creates an organized space and keeps the plates neatly together.

Safety Spotters
The safety spotters are intended to allow you to train in a safe manner. You can use them as a support or support if you are no longer able to perform the exercise completely.


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Strength Equipment
Product Code VF02039
Product Weight (KG) 46
Max User Weight (KG) 300
Max Loadable Weight (kg) 300
Weight Included (kg) n/a
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H) (CM) 110 x 127 x 215
Usage Home/Light Commercial/Commercial
Frame Steel
Add-ons n/a
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Customer Reviews

3 reviews for VirtuFit Commercial Half Rack Pro

  1. Kris Belshaw

    Came across this rack on a Facebook post, decided to take a trip to the showroom to view it. Everything looked the part, brought it and am really enjoying it! Great value for money.

  2. Anna Sinclair

    Amazing value for money!

  3. Shane Mulgrew

    When I read the product title saying “Commercial” half rack I did not believe it was commercial for the price. So I went down to the showroom to see for myself and I was blow away. The steel is thick, good paintwork, strong welds and just very well put together in general. I really think you will struggle to find a better rack for under £400 anywhere!

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