Leasing with Fitness Equipment NI pays off. The attractive alternative to outright purchasing which conserves your liquidity and enables you to stay at the cutting edge of fitness equipment at all times.

In cooperation with our leasing partner we offer you lease finance from as little as £500 net.


  • All servicing and maintenance costs are included for the full term of your lease!
  • Helps you maintain liquidity. Leasing conserves equity and strengthens your credit quality vis-à-vis your bank.
  • Enables larger investments to be made at an earlier stage. Low instalments instead of high purchase prices.
  • Provides flexibility. Thanks to the Fitness Equipment NI exchange option, you can stay at the cutting edge of technology at all times.
  • Option to buy at the end of the lease for 10% of the invoice value or we will remove your old equipment and replace with brand new equipment and set up a new leasing plan.
  • Our removal and installation service is completely free, all you will pay is your monthly instalments for the equipment.

Contact us now to enquire about our industry leading leasing options.