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Fitness Equipment NI are are the official distributors for NOHrD in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

NOHrD products are more than mere pieces of sports equipment- they embody all aspects of functionality, design and sustainable manufacturing. The result is luxury fitness equipment made out of natural materials, which blend into any home environment like a piece of furniture. If you’re looking for beautiful looking fitness equipment, that also performs perfectly, then they’ll certainly impress you. They look like pieces of artwork in your home, if you have a beautiful home, then why not have some aesthetically beautiful fitness equipment to compliment it?

As official Irish distributors we can supply and service any piece of NOHrD fitness equipment. Browse the full range below and get in touch if you have any home gym or custom gym build requirements. Remember we can help you plan, 3D render and build your dream home or garage gym. 

16 Week Backorder

Cardio Accessories

NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board

£ 269.00£ 319.00
10-12 Week Backorder
£ 339.00£ 519.00

In Stock Products

NOHrD TriaTrainer

£ 419.00£ 619.00
10-12 Week Backorder
£ 449.00£ 649.00
8-10 week back order

In Stock Products

NOHrD Swingbell Tower

£ 549.00£ 729.00
4-6 Week Backorder
£ 659.00£ 1,045.00
8 Week Backorder
£ 679.00£ 759.00
10-12 Week Backorder
£ 1,499.00£ 1,749.00
Limited stock!

Cable machines

NOHrD Slim Beam

£ 1,549.00£ 1,949.00
10-12 Week Backorder
10-12 Week Backorder
10-12 Week Backorder
10-12 Week Backorder

Commercial Gym Equipment

NOHrD SprintBok Curved Treadmill

£ 5,295.00£ 6,095.00
Various ETAs
£ 5,749.00£ 6,399.00