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FREE DELIVERY over £300 to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland
*Excluding Flooring Products

VirtuFit Multifunctional Weight Bench Deluxe


A complete strength training is possible with the VirtuFit Multifunctional Weight Bench DeluxeWhen you think of a weight bench, you initially think of bench presses. This way you can lay the backrest flat and the barbell supports a little later for a good position. You can also bench press at an angle, for this you put the barbell supports a bit higher and choose the desired angle of your backrest (incline). You can even choose a decline position. Here you put your hands a little closer together and grab the inside and bottom of your chest muscles more. Your triceps are also tackled more here. In addition to bench press, you can train your arms by using the dip station at the back. A preacher pad has also been added, for isolated biceps or triceps exercises.
A cable has been added to the back of the weight bench for abdominal exercises. You can make this heavier by adding extra weights to the pin. And as icing on the cake, you can also train your legs by performing leg curls or leg extensions with the rollers you see in the front!

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Dip Supports
The weight bench has integrated dip supports. You can adjust these independently of each other, just like the barbell supports. This way you can perform tricep dips and chest dips and it makes the weight bench suitable for both taller and shorter people. The dip supports are attached to the barbell supports, so you move the barbell supports in the same way. The minimum height of the barbell holders is 90 cm and the maximum height is 110 cm.

Abdominal Muscle Cable
At the back of the weight bench is a module to train your abs. Hook the supplied cable onto this moudle and hold the other end during your crunches. This module has a pin to hang weight plates and thus make your exercise even more difficult. You can exchange the developer module with the preacher pad.

Fly Module
With the fly module you train the chest muscles. You have to level the couch for this. You can also weight this module with 30 mm weight plates by hanging them on the pins.

Curl Pad
You use the preacher curl pad to train your biceps or triceps. Isolate your arm muscles with curl exercises for an effective workout. The preacher pad keeps the rest of your body silent. When you no longer use the preacher pad, you can place it at the back.

Lay Module
You can use the leg module in two ways. You can perform seated leg extensions to target the quadriceps. Make it heavier by hanging 30 mm weight plates on the pin of this module. In addition to the quadriceps, you can also tackle your hamstrings / buttocks. For this you use the top roller and lie on the couch with your stomach. This is how you perform the “lying leg curl”.

Adjustable Backrest
The backrest of this weight bench is adjustable in several positions. You can direct the sofa flat, upwards or downwards. This gives you extensive options for bench presses, for example.


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Strength Equipment
Product Code VF02030
Product Weight (KG) 36
Max Loadable Weight (kg) 250
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H) (CM) 188 x 120 x 200
Usage Home
Frame Steel
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